Gary Dumbrill

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Gary Dumbrill is an Associate Professor at McMaster University School of Social Work. His research and teaching focus on child welfare policy and practice as well as child welfare service users' theory. Gary works from a critical anti-racist perspective and is particularly interested in the ways policy and practice relate to issues of social inclusion and exclusion.

Gary's research focus emerges from the time he spent as a child protection worker, first in London England and then in Ontario. Gary also shoots photographs and posts them each day on his photoblog. Gary says that the photos are "not professional" and are merely "nice to look at" but you may want to decide for yourself.

The cover of our Glossary of AOP Terms shows one example of his photographic art. Take a wander through his archives and you will discover photos that reveal Gary's interest in travel and sailing, as well as his sense of humour.

Learn more about Gary's academic career and view his photoblog

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