A Casebook of Community Practice: Problems & Strategies
Edited by Bill Lee and Sarah Todd

Bill Lee and Sarah Todd have assembled a collection of case studies from community practitioners and scholars that reflect actual struggles and successes in community practice in Canada and around the world. The book is specifically designed to aid the teaching of community practice.

Book Cover

There are twenty-nine case studies organized within three themes: the beginning phase of community practice, dealing with internal challenges and seeking to achieve social justice. This allows educators to progress through real life scenarios, exploring what practitioners can encounter at various points in the community process.

Each individual scenario describes the actors and events, followed by a series of questions and suggested readings to explore issues further. Authors outline strategies and analysis they used to resolve the situation and what outcomes (both positive and negative) occurred. Each scenario is followed by further questions that can be used to facilitate individual and group discussion.

This book provides opportunity for students and seasoned organizers to reflect on their own practice, gain a deeper understanding of the tensions in community work and explore the possibilities for innovation.

"I was very impressed by the diversity, quality and number of experiences offered. The use of both local and international settings helped to illuminate the commonality of some community work while at the same time illustrating the glaring differences." - Shelley Rempel, BSW, MA, Professor, Social Services Worker Program, Mohawk College

"A wonderful resource and will be a tremendous help for faculty and students. I plan to use it as a companion book with Pragmatics of Community Organization." - Jane Cruikshank, Ph.D, Professor, Faculty of Social Work, University of Regina

ISBN 0-921159-14-6 - 2006 - approx. 213 pp softcover - $26.95 - Buy Now