Glossary of Terms for Anti-Oppressive Policy and Practice
Edited by Bill Lee, Sheila Sammon & Gary C. Dumbrill

Social work is heavily dependent on language communication. The words and terms we use with the people with whom we work as well as with each other and the general public are crucial. Glossary of Terms for Anti-Oppressive Policy and Practice complied by Bill Lee, Sheila Sammon and Gary C. Dumbrill of McMaster School of Social Work is an important tool for teaching critical thinking and anti-oppressive approaches to social interventions at any level.

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A great deal of the language that has been developed to enable us to discuss the issues of subjugation, oppression and liberation, given the complexities of the issues they are meant to address, is complex. Too often, however the language is experienced as distancing academics from students and professionals from the people they are supposed to be assisting. For this reason the editors have put together this Glossary of Terms that tend to be utilized in discussion of the issues and practices that are the stuff of anti-oppressive social work.

Some Sample Terms: Ableism -Classism - Conjunctural Analysis - Constructivism - Deconstructivism - Ethnostress - Consciousness - Feminism - Hegemony - Identity - Liberalism - Narrative Theory - Ontological - Political Correctness - Reflexivity - Social Citizenship - Structural Analysis - Systemic Racism - Whiteness

The terms are presented in alphabetical order. Each of the definitions was either written directly by activists or academics, or adapted, from one or more sources that are individually referenced. Also included are quotes, usually from well-known activists and writers as well as some illustrations that are aimed to assist in stimulating reflection about the material.

First Edition - ISBN 978-0-921159-16-2 - 2006 - approx. 37 pp. monograph - $8.00

Second Edition - ISBN 978-0-921159-10-0 - 2014 - approx. 48 pp. monograph - $12.00

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