Participatory Planning for Action by Bill Lee and Mike Balkwill

Our experience of "taking the leap" to learn these techniques, and then to build up our repertoire later, is very much in the tradition of folk music. Popular education techniques, and the traditions of the groups and practitioners who use them, are passed along just as the songs and traditions of folk performers are.

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A true strength of Participatory Planning for Action is its authors' ability to present an understandable, easily usable, and effective collection of community development tools that can be applied in a variety of
classroom and community situations" - Prof. Gurpreet Malhotra, Community Worker Program, School of Community Services, Sheridan College

Participatory Planning for Action provides a clear overall approach and a great collection of participatory exercises. It can help labour educators draw on the vast experience of union activists for rebuilding the movement. - Rob Fairley, Educator and Consultant to Unions, Past President CUPE Local One

"I have used the exercises in this book. They are clearly presented and very useful in helping groups to work toward action" - Cindy Doxtator, Native Community Development Worker



ISBN 978-0-921159-04-8 - 1996 - approx. 99 pp softcover - $8.00 - Buy Now