Commonact is enviromentally friendly.

We are proud of our commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices. Being a small press has allowed us to be nimble in making changes that support and reflect our philosophy. We have decreased our own footprint while focusing on environmental concerns and Ancient Forest protection even though our business has grown steadily over the past five years.

CommonAct is a participating publisher with both Markets Initiative (CDN) and Green Press Initiative (US), which means we are committed to the goals of the Book Industry Treatise on Responsible Paper and have an environmental paper policy in place. To learn more, just visit and

Printing Books: Since 2006 our books have been printed on 100% Post Consumer Waste Enviro 100 paper that is Ancient Forest Friendly. We have also planned during the design and printing preparation stages to ensure paper is not wasted during the printing process. For example, with one publication, we chose to leave a few extra pages in the back of book you can use to make notes, rather than have them removed and thrown away as is usual practice in the publishing industry. All of our publications sold in North America are printed in Canada.

Office/Warehouse Paper: We are now using 100% PCW for our office paper and often reuse boxes for shipping our books. All faxes are received electronically and printed only if necessary. Any waste paper that that cannot be reused is either recycled or composted.

Other Changes (No, we haven't forgotten Climate Change): We are using low energy consumption lightbulbs, computer monitors and office equipment. Whenever possible we ship small book orders via Canada Post instead of courier to use less fossil fuel in the delivery process. We moved our book warehouse and set up a virtual office to reduce the amount of staff driving required (reducing the need to drive by 5000k annually with this change alone). Climate change is an ongoing topic of conversation at CommonAct Press